Maximum product protection - maximum flexibility.

TOPLoading solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

For over three decades Dividella finds solutions for secure and flexible packaging of pharmaceutical products. Our patented top-loading method forms the basis for solutions to keep evolving and are characterized by sustainable, patient-friendly and environmentally conscious concepts.

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A few examples of TOPLoading product packaging

Vials and Ampoules

2x5 Vials standing EasyOpen feature
1ct Vial TopLoading SideOpening
2ct Ampoules NeoTOP 804 Triple Mode
3Tray Vial 3x5ct Dispenserpack - NeoTOP x

Syringes: Prefilled - Safety - Backstop

2x5 prefilled syringes vaccines - World Star Award package!
Prefilled syringes Dispenserpack
Safety Syringes with variable leaflet compartment
Syringe pack with compact product protection and flight safety feature - Flightsafe

Pens - Injectors - Inhalers

Pen pack with Overlid Closure
Compact Pen - NeoTOPx
Inhalers of any shape
Nasal Sprays

Combination Packs

Combination pack Ampoules and Vials
Combination pack Syringes and Vials with extra billboardspace - lidflaps
Syringe and Vial pack - NeoTOP 804 Triple Mode
Combination pack Syringes - Needlecups -Blisters


Successful with NeoTOP 904 at Borisov in Belarus

Case Study

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