• "As an innovative medicines company which develops breakthroughs that change patients’ lives, Pfizer valued Dividella’s technical knowledge, ease of working relationships and their ability to understand our complex requirements and remove roadblocks as needed."

    "The expertise of Dividella’s engineers and service technicians has assisted us greatly and proven to be invaluable in the development, testing and commissioning of state-of-the-art packaging solutions for our products."

    Adam Barnes, Manufacturing Project Process Support & Document Writer and Mayuran Rajendra, Project Support Engineer – Pharma Manufacturing Operations, Pfizer Melbourne.

  • What do you value about your relationship with Dividella?
    Technology concept, market experience as well as competent and binding project management.

    Jan Seifert, Project Manager, Bayer AG

  • 我只想说,我们整个团队对于迪威德拉文档的及时性和高质量是多么的印象深刻。它准时优质地到达,使得我们的工作变得轻松。我想在此感谢迪威德拉团队的每一个人。


    解决方案: NeoTOP 804

    Michael L. Forehand, 助理工程总监, 包装及设备技术部门, AstraZeneca

  • 我们刚刚完成了2015季的疫苗生产。我司购买的两台NeoTOPx装盒机,安装调试认证完成后,在整个生产季的运行非常成功。从我们的OEE系统中提取了关于设备的运行性能,包括停机、可用性和质量损失等,特别在可用性方面,得到了非常令人满意的结果。


    这说明我们买到了一个绝妙的设备。毫无疑问,设备的开发、工艺与服务 - 包括项目管理、验证管理、现场支持、安装调试、培训测试等 - 都成功地发挥了作用。如果我们再将快速的项目进程及项目进行时的变化考虑在内,最终的结果和被证实的性能将更为可观。


    解决方案: NeoTOP x

    Brian Cucura, 可靠性工程师 III, AstraZeneca (MedImmune)

  • 我也一样,在此想要对迪威德拉团队的出色工作表示感谢。从我团队收到的全部都是非常积极的反馈:不仅指设备的性能,也指良好的合作。迪威德拉的设备是我司扩产战略上重要的组成部分,我们非常荣幸能拥有迪威德拉这样可靠的合作伙伴。

    解决方案: NeoTOP x

    Hans-Jörg Schiesser, 沙夫豪森生产地工程与维护总监, JSC EMEA (unit of CILAG AG)

  • 随着成功验收及设备交付,我们达到了项目的一个重要里程碑阶段。甚至在设备上增加的一个版式部件(SMARTJECT带塑料拖盘的包装)被视为成功的工厂验收测试。




    解决方案: NeoTOP x

    Arthur Fabian, 设备技术工程师, CILAG AG

  • 我想告诉您,在如何执行我们极富挑战性的项目进度及预期的设备性能方面,我对迪威德拉项目团队有着深刻的印象!团队中的每一位成员,都表现出高度责任感及专业知识,真正意义上保证了我们在通往成功之路的每一步上的满意度。我要再次感谢团队中的每个成员,他们对我们的项目成果作出了杰出的贡献。


    解决方案: NeoTOP x

    Wilfredo Rivera, PE, CPP - 高级包装/设计工程师, AstraZeneca (MedImmune)

  • Dividella provides a unique low-cost (price per dose) solution for secondary packaging. They are becoming the standard solution for the pharma industry in high volume (annual output) multi-dose cartons. I highly recommend them due to overall machine quality, effective project management and excellent documentation.

    Solution: NeoTOP 804

    Jacob D. Bourgeois, Engineering C&Q BP Contractor, Barry-Wehmiller Design Group (Sanofi Pasteur)

  • I value Dividellas commitment to deliver fine equipment, their desire to please the customer, and their openness in  with  difficulties or limitations.

    Solution: NeoTOP 804

  • Thank you very much for the last weeks, it was the easiest FAT in my life.

    Solution: NeoTOP x

    Viktor Farkas, Investment Coordinator, Gedeon Richter Plc


Top-loading parenteral and secondary packaging specialist Dividella’s industry NeoTRAY fully automatic cartoner for high speed parenteral packaging has been honored for Excellent Product Design in the 2020 German Design Awards.

Pharmaceutical and biotech organizations seeking a holistic approach, which integrates out-of-the box and complex line concepts need to look no further than Medipak Systems - an integrated group of companies each of which offers unparalleled expertise within its field. Their holistic approach was fully reflected at this year’s ACHEMA booth!

Under the new Traxeed brand, Medipak Systems will bundle all Track & Trace solutions, products and services of its companies Seidenader Maschinenbau and Systec & Services. With Traxeed, Medipak Systems is a partner for complete pharma serialization solutions from level 1 to level 5.

The international technology group Körber completed the acquisition of Systec & Services GmbH with effect from November 1, 2017, following approval from the respective antitrust authorities. With the acquisition of the German system partner, the Group is strengthening its Business Area Pharma Systems.

The international technology group Körber seeks to further strengthen its Business Area Pharma Systems with the acquisition of system partner Systec & Services GmbH. The aim of the acquisition is to strengthen existing skill sets in the companies Seidenader and Werum IT Solutions in the areas of MES (manufacturing execution systems) and serialization, and to increase expertise in the consulting business.



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