Success right down the line: Medipak Systems impresses at interpack with a wide range of innovative total solutions for its customers

The Medipak Systems companies can draw up a thoroughly positive balance sheet for interpack 2017: customers and visitors alike praised the innovative spirit and cost-effective solutions which perfectly reflect the current and future needs of the market.

The Rondo app reads reference points on the pack which are invisible to the naked eye and generates a so-called augmented reality on the smartphone.

Dividella's smart mobile device enables machine operators or production managers to operate and monitor the machine or system, even remotely.

Critical incidents can be detected with the aid of condition monitoring and predictive analytics long before they occur and action can be initiated.

The modern, functional design of the BE Blister Expert, its sophisticated GMP-compliant cleaning concept and a operating concept perfectly matched to the individual needs of the operator impressed visitors to interpack.

With the new P5000 high-speed cartoner, Mediseal has once again acknowledged the needs of the market and developed a cost-effective solution for its customers.

Rondo uses an NFC chip integrated into folding box for improved communication with the customer and for new information channels.

Seidenader can put together a tailored Track&Trace solution for its customers according to the requirements imposed by specific tasks (serialization, aggregation, reworking and production data collection).

PAS-X Track&Trace for serialization independent of the line controller

The DE.SY.RE adds two modules to the machine: a de-nester upstream of the inspection machine and a re-nester downstream.

In combination with a Seidenader inspection machine, the DE.SY.RE handling system is the new solution for optimal inspection results.

Werum's new Plug & Produce solution will in future enable fast, easy integration of machines or automation systems into the production environment of a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical manufacturer.

After interpack 2017, the Medipak Systems companies - Dividella, Fargo Automation, Mediseal, Rondo, Seidenader and Werum IT Solutions - can draw up a thoroughly positive balance sheet: numerous world firsts and many more innovative developments aroused great interest among visitors. The first sales were even able to be reported during the trade fair itself. With their key themes for interpack - Industrie 4.0, OEE optimization, falling lot sizes, increasing complexity and EU Directive 2011/62/EU which comes into force in 2019 - the companies met the current challenges of the pharma industry with innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Dividella showed its highly flexible NeoTOP x TopLoad cartoner, which was equipped at the fair with ABB's collaborative robot for the greatest possible flexibility in filling folding boxes. On the machine, which can also be controlled via a smart device, variable data was printed onto the boxes. Among other things, this data included the customer's name as well as a QR code, enabling the customer to access a personalized website. Other boxes already pre-serialized by Rondo with a China code were read by the Seidenader Track&Trace system.

Aspiring to move "away from reactive towards preventive maintenance", Dividella presented its prototype for condition monitoring & predictive analytics. The current status of the NeoTOP x was monitored using status data captured in real time. Using algorithms, the data was converted into forecasts for the ongoing evolution of the machine's status. Critical changes within the system are detected promptly and a corrective intervention is scheduled before the discrepancy leads to faults or failures.

Mediseal introduced two world firsts at interpack. On the new BE Blister Series, blisters with large draw depths, e.g. for syringes, ampules, vials and pens, can be produced. The P5000 continuous high-speed cartoner is Mediseal's answer to the market's need for even still faster cartoners. "Our visitors at the fair were full of praise and confirmed that our new products are ideally suitable, cost-effective solutions for the special requirements of the market", says Borja Guerra, Mediseal's Head of Sales & Marketing. Both of the machines were sold during the fair.

Rondo's smart packaging solutions, based on the application of NFC technology and augmented reality for improved communication between manufacturer, physician, pharmacist and patient, generated great interest at the fair among both professionals and the technical press. Rondo also provided comprehensive information about the possibilities of offline serialization in the context of EU Directive 2011/62/EU, which comes into force in 2019, and new possibilities of demand-driven supply of secondary packing with the aid of the Supply on Demand solution, which Rondo has recently begun to offer its customers.

On the interpack booth, Seidenader and Werum IT Solutions also presented solutions for successful implementation of the requirements of EU Directive 2011/62/EU. In conjunction with a Mediseal blister line, Seidenader presented its Track&Trace solutions for serialization and aggregation of each individual packaging level in conformity with the regulations. The ItemUnit Tamper Evident solution which was on show, complemented by the CaseUnit and the PalletUnit, prints and verifies codes on folding boxes, in accordance with the respective regulatory system.

Werum IT Solutions presented its supplier-independent Track & Trace solution. The solution provides functions for serialization and aggregation in packaging processes and integrates ERP and Global Repository with packaging technology and line control at production level. It is available as a stand-alone solution and if necessary can be easily and gradually expanded at a later stage to provide a functionally complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

For the first time Seidenader presented a total solution consisting of its newly developed DE.SY.RE De-/Re-Nester handling system and a high-speed inspection machine: "non glass-to-glass contact" handling throughout the inspection process for containers conveyed in tubs. Fast, highly accurate Delta robots take over the filling of the inspection machine and subsequent removal of the containers. At the fair, DE.SY.RE was shown in conjunction with a VI-60-S syringe inspection machine. Every day of the fair, from morning to night, the trio of machines impressed potential customers with their smooth, continuous operation. With its new development, Seidenader offers a turnkey complete solution from a single source, for optimal inspection results at up to 600 containers per minute.

Another industry highlight was the vision of a new industry standard for vertical integration presented by Werum IT Solutions: The Plug & Produce solution for structured data exchange between the production control software (level 3) and the equipment in a pharmaceutical factory (level 2) enables fast and simple integration of machines or automation systems into the production environment of a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical manufacturer based on Werum' s PAS-X MES software's new, standardized, message-based interface.

"The visitors to our booth told us again and again how impressed they were by the multitude of new, innovative technologies", reports Clemens Berger, Medipak Systems CEO. "In particular, our solutions for digital, networked pharma production are generating massive interest. Plug & Produce by Werum, Rondo's smart folding boxes, Dividella's smart device, the prototypes for condition monitoring & predictive analytics - these are all Pharma 4.0 approaches which we shall be forging ahead with very energetically, for the benefit of our customers."

Once again, the Medipak Systems companies have seized the opportunity of the interpack trade fair to present themselves successfully as innovative, reliable and integrated providers of solutions for customers from the pharma and biotech industry world-wide and to set new standards in pharma production with their many innovations.