Werum's Pharma-Manufacturing.Blog now online

Werum starts digital channel for experts to exchange ideas on current solutions and forward-looking topics affecting pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing

Pharma-Manufacturing.Blog: digital communication and networking for experts

At www.pharma-manufacturing.blog, pharmaceutical and biotech professionals can now find useful information and example-driven approaches that address current manufacturing challenges as well as forward-looking pieces speaking to regulations and other issues facing the industry in the near future. The new professional blog will allow experts to share opinions and ideas concerning such wide-ranging topics such as Digitization, Industrie 4.0, Plug & Produce and Big Data. Other frequent topics will be those relevant to generic drugs, reducing time to market, and regulatory requirements.

According to Karl Hoffmann, Senior Director Marketing & Business Development, Werum IT Solutions will use the new blog to help shape and improve the future of pharma manufacturing.

The new blog is available at www.pharma-manufacturing.blog. Visitors can easily post comments without logging in, and Werum also is inviting guest bloggers to share their experience with the industry (the company will provide guest writers with login data). To contribute, please email communications@werum.com with topic ideas.