Pharma 4.0: Consulting and Solutions

Trends such as Smart Factory, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Pharma 4.0 must be correctly classified. What strategies are there? Which ones suit your company?

We accompany you as a competent and experienced partner, from the first idea to your own digitalization strategy and finally also in the implementation. Thanks to our many years of pharmaceutical expertise, we develop modern approaches with you that can be implemented in accordance with regulatory guidelines in a GMP environment.

One example of this is our projects with augmented reality support: quality-relevant changeover processes become simple and secure - thanks to LION.EXECUTE.


LION.EXECUTE. is the flexible, scalable solution to meet the challenges of line conversions. Operators can rely on uniform line visualization, so that they are always optimally supported in the processes - also through augmented reality. Further possibilities are presented by the consolidated data transfer for optimizations, KPIs and dashboards in higher-level systems, allowing further individual configurations.

Mapping of parallel processes supports simultaneous execution of process steps by multiple operators. This is of course also possible on a line with several machines/aggregates, so that more than one operator can work on different modules.

Your Challenges

  • Digitization in the pharmaceutical industry seems to be an issue for everyone. Which trends are decisive for you? How does your company position itself for future challenges?
  • You have identified important trends for your company or your market segment and are facing the challenge of finalizing the implementation strategy or planning the project.
  • For the (GMP) critical topics line clearance and format change, the documentation of the implementation is rather time-consuming. On the one hand, the complete documentation takes time, on the other hand, it is possible to forget or omit parts of the documentation, which becomes apparent only at a later stage. This is followed by a time-consuming investigation of the root cause, which increases machine downtimes.
  • In conventional set-ups, operators must be trained for each machine on which they are supposed to work. With a heterogeneous machine park, the amount of training required is immense. At the same time, however, this also means that a trained employee must be available for each machine in each shift.
  • Whenever working together, whenever handing over to colleagues, absolutely error-free communication within the team must be guaranteed at all times. This coordination is again time-consuming.

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The Solution

  • Our digitization experts will advise you on your strategy, implement it with you in a tailor-made way, and will also be at your side afterwards.
  • Our experienced consultants support you in transforming your digitization plans into a holistic strategy or in transforming an existing strategy into executable projects.
  • The training effort is reduced by LION.EXECUTE. because people are trained on a technique instead of a machine. The resources are thus more flexible in their deployment.
  • Reduction of training times, therefore more resources are available in less time.
  • Thanks to the new technology, the tasks can be carried out in a team without overlap. Workflows are processed in parallel, and can also be easily transferred to the next operator, e.g. when a shift change occurs. Due to the user guidance, no process step can be inadvertently left out.
  • Errors are avoided, which leads to up to 30% higher machine availability.
  • The workflows are released in the system in this qualified software solution. Thus the GMP requirements are fulfilled.
  • Use of HoloLens I, HoloLens II, iPads or other tablets with a Chrome Browser

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