• Bayer AG

    What do you value about your relationship with Dividella?
    Technology concept, market experience as well as competent and binding project management.

    Jan Seifert, Project Manager

  • AstraZeneca

    Я хочу отметить, на сколько впечатлило всю нашу команду своевременность и качество документации, предоставленной компанией Дивиделла.  Это заметно облегчило нашу работу, когда сотрудники все запланированное делали вовремя и качественно. Я благодарю вас и всех в компании Дивиделла за это.

    Solution: NeoTOP 804

    Михаил Л.Фореханд, Директор Инженерной Ассоциации, Технологий упаковки и оборудования

  • AstraZeneca (MedImmune)

    Мы только закончили нашу 2015 сезонную компанию по производству вакцины. Обе упаковочные линии Neo TOPx, которые мы заказали cоответствуют и прошли квалификационные испытания в прошлом сезоне очень успешно. Мы смогли получать данные об общей эффективности оборудования со значениями по остановке  в зависимости от производительности, применению значений по качественным потерям и поиску подходящего решения, когда производство невозможно.

    Упаковочная линия 1 показала, что общая эффективность оборудования составляет 91%. Упаковочная линия 2-значение общей эффективности оборудование составило 90%.


       We have just finished our 2015 season campaign for manufacturing our Vaccine. Both of the NeoTOP x cartoners that we purchased, commissioned and qualified ran through the season very successfully. We have been able to extract the data from our OEE system to show downtime in terms of performance, availability and quality loss and found very favorable results when factoring out availability.
    Line (1) cartoner  was found to have an OEE of approximately 91%. Line (2) cartoner  was found to have an OEE of approximately 90%.
    I think this is a reflection of a fantastic product that we have received. Certainly the design, craftsmanship, services (Including project management, validation management, site support, Installation and qualification, training) for both machines added up to this being successful. When you factor the short timeline and changes to scope with this project it makes the final product and proven performance stand out even more.
    Thanks for all of your hard work and support. Please make sure to send my appreciation to all of your teams.

    Solution: NeoTOP x

    Brian Cucura, Reliability Engineer III

  • JSC EMEA (unit of CILAG AG)

    Also from my side, I want to thank Dividella for the good work of their team. The feedback that I received from my team, was throughout positive. This applies both to the machine's capabilities and to the good cooperation. This machine covers a strategically important part of our production expansion and we are happy to have a reliable partner with Dividella.

    Solution: NeoTOP x

    Hans-Jörg Schiesser, Director Engineering & Maintenance Schaffhausen


    With the successful acceptance and delivery, we have reached an important milestone in our project. There was even an additional format setup on the machine (SMARTJECT Packaging with plastic tray) that could be added to the successful FAT.
    I would like to take this opportunity and thank the Dividella team on behalf of the entire team at CILAG for the achievement of this milestone. Due to various activities and because of the tight schedule, the project management was certainly not always easy or smooth. But we always responded very quickly and amicably worked out good solutions.
    Thank you for the good cooperation, at CILAG we are all very positive and are looking forward to the commissioning of this new machine.

    Solution: NeoTOP x

    Arthur Fabian, Staff Engineer Device Technology

  • AstraZeneca (MedImmune)

    I wanted to tell you how impressed I am about how well your project team executed our challenging project on schedule and with the expected equipment performance! Every member of your team demonstrated a true sense of ownership and knowledge in assuring our total satisfaction every step of the way in our journey to success; again I want to thank everyone on your team for the tremendously fantastic contributions they made to allow us a successful project outcome.

    Solution: NeoTOP x

    Wilfredo Rivera, PE, CPP - Sr. Packaging Engineer/Design

  • Barry-Wehmiller Design Group (Sanofi Pasteur)

    Dividella provides a unique low-cost (price per dose) solution for secondary packaging. They are becoming the standard solution for the pharma industry in high volume (annual output) multi-dose cartons. I highly recommend them due to overall machine quality, effective project management and excellent documentation.

    Solution: NeoTOP 804

    Jacob D. Bourgeois, Engineering C&Q BP Contractor


Pharmaceutical and biotech organizations seeking a holistic approach, which integrates out-of-the box and complex line concepts need to look no further than Medipak Systems - an integrated group of companies each of which offers unparalleled expertise within its field. Their holistic approach was fully reflected at this year’s ACHEMA booth!

Under the new Traxeed brand, Medipak Systems will bundle all Track & Trace solutions, products and services of its companies Seidenader Maschinenbau and Systec & Services. With Traxeed, Medipak Systems is a partner for complete pharma serialization solutions from level 1 to level 5.

The international technology group Körber completed the acquisition of Systec & Services GmbH with effect from November 1, 2017, following approval from the respective antitrust authorities. With the acquisition of the German system partner, the Group is strengthening its Business Area Pharma Systems.

The international technology group Körber seeks to further strengthen its Business Area Pharma Systems with the acquisition of system partner Systec & Services GmbH. The aim of the acquisition is to strengthen existing skill sets in the companies Seidenader and Werum IT Solutions in the areas of MES (manufacturing execution systems) and serialization, and to increase expertise in the consulting business.

Werum starts digital channel for experts to exchange ideas on current solutions and forward-looking topics affecting pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing



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